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Fast-Form TM is the only large wall formwork system that can truly be erected by hand, with no part weighing more than 25kg. See the system being erected in 3D click here. The only system to be able to cope with straight or radius from the same components the steel version is modular and can be built in situ. Download the Wall system brochure or the Fast-Form Systems Product Guide

The only system that can be fitted by hand to any height and also be used as a large panel system which can be lifted in 6m wide by 6.4m high sections!

Pour heights up to 3.2m with No Tie bars through wall and propped just one side, perfect for basements, bunds, reservoirs etc.

Single sided walls WITH NO A FRAMES up to 6.4m high.

We also have an Aluminium version of this system, this comes in ready made panels of 1.22m x 1.22m  / 1.22m x 2.44m and 1.22m x .6m and 2.4m x .6m with optional 800mm extensions. They can be simply lifted into place manually and another panel fixed to them, this is especially good for repetitive use and gives the only truly manageable panel system, a 1.22 x 2.44 panel weighing around 35kg complete! 2 men can easily pick it up and move it meaning vastly reduced labour costs and as with the standard system they can be joined for larger pour heights. Currently in use on the Kier / Carillion M6 Smart motorway upgrade.

This means we are the system of choice for many basements where a wall formwork system is required but where a crane or mechanical lifting can not be used ( Though it can be moved like a large panel formwork system if required).

The system also comes with optional full access and handrail system for safe working for more details download the Fast Form Brochure from our home page.

The system is especially suitable for basements under existing properties as you could fit all of our system through a small window and erect it underneath and this is the reason we are the market leader in basement formwork systems.

Another benefit is the sizes we offer, unlike panel systems all our uprights can be mixed and matched so if you have a sloping wall you can start with one size of upright and change as required and the system will work with our smaller bracket system which can also be used for sheet pile capping beams.

Our uprights come in 1.9m / 2.4m & 3.2m BUT all can be joined so we can also supply 1.9m / 2.4m / 3.2m / 3.8m/ 4.3m / 4.8m / 5.1m / 5.6m & 6.4m. (Below 1.9m our Bracket system is used)

The system can also pour radius walls using the same components, simply omit the joining braces between uprights, generally faced with ply the system can also be faced with Alkus plastic ply for a truly GREEN solution.

The system can be erected and ply fitted after which means it is also very good where you have water bars and need to make sure that the pour is very clean before you pour as you could fit the ply just before pouring, you can also erect say a 3.2m system and pour in 2 or 3 pours,only putting on ply when you need to, this is very useful for waterproof structures that have pour height restrictions.

Comes with drawings, fitting instructions and structural calculations included, a full temporary works package.


Main Benefits over Panel systems:

  • Unlike a panel system the ply fits to the front of our system meaning hardly any joints at all, perfect for fair faced work
  • Unique slot systems means tie bars will always match up
  • Unique design means more braces can be added to strengthen system and they are also easily moved for pipes and openings
  • There isn’t a more flexible system on the market, you are not restricted to panel sizes, you can cast any height shape or length easily
  • Flexible corner system cope with an any angle corner or 90 degree corners
  • Lighter than any other  wall formwork panel system no component weighs more than 25kg and NO Crane required and lightweight Aluminium version starting at just 4kg per piece!
  • More flexible on size than a panel wall formwork system and can also pour radius walls with the SAME system
  • Unlike panel systems there are not hundreds of components to lose
  • No Crane costs / Lower Transport costs / Lower Carbon Footprint / Lower labour costs / Less make up costs / Faster stripping, the list goes on
  • All the benefits and strength of steel system and a better finish than a timber faced system!
  • Hand fit or large wall formwork panels from the same system
  • Reduce Carbon use by 60 to 100% against panel wall formwork and timber wall formwork systems

Wall Formwork & basement wall formwork systems with straight and curved sections and full access (Steel Version).



M6 Smart Motorway Upgrade for Kier / Carillion JV, one of many varied structures:

Smart Motorway Upgrade