Column Formwork

Fast-Form is the perfect solution for all types of column formwork. It’s the lightest system on the market that’s fast and easy to erect. We offer sizes available in 1.2m  up to 6.4m high as standard from 250mm wide upwards and compatible with our standard steel & aluminium wall formwork systems. We offer the best finish on the market – a F4 finish.

No kicker required! Our unique fixing system which bolts you your slab means you don’t need to cast a kicker. Helping to save you additional expense. Our column formwork can easily be adjusted to other sizes. It is a flexible system that will cope with almost any size or type of column. There are many benefits of column formwork, which we have included below. The main advantages are that the system is faster to erect than normal formwork systems, and is also more cost-effective. Less skill is also required as there is no need for de-nailing or the use of plants or cranes to put the formwork together.

Access and handrails available if required. This formwork is a lightweight hand fit system that saves on crane costs in aluminium, or a crane lifted system in steel. Contact us today for a bespoke quote for column formwork.


Column Formwork benefits


  • The Fast-Form™ column formwork system is faster than traditional timber formwork and a cost effective alternative to panel columns. the Fast-Form™ wall formwork system is unique and has many varied uses, so as well as wall formwork the same components can be used for column formwork and radius wall formwork
  • The Fast-Form™ system will save you days or weeks on your program and thousands of pounds in plant or crane hire
  • Timber can be completely eliminated with the use of our plastic ply options
  • The Fast-Form™ column formwork system offer less make up, no de-nailing, lightweight and an easy to use system that is much faster than traditional methods and very simple to use, with low skill levels required
  • The Fast-Form™ system can be used for hand fit v formwork up to 6.4m high, the same formwork components can also be used for crane lifted, making it the most flexible column formwork system on the market
  • With the Fast-Form™system you get the benefit of a lightweight hand fit system and the speed of a large panel system. With the finish of a timber system, as our system is faced with plywood with no joints!
  • Fair face finishes are easily achieved using the Fast-Form™ column formwork system, we offer the best finish on the market with an F4 finish


  • When timber column formwork is used, where are the structural calculations? How does the risk assessment cover there being no handrail or access? The simple answer is timber does not offer these and in real terms it is an unsafe method of working in most applications, the Fast-Form™  system eliminates all of these problems
  • The Fast-Form™ system helps you meet manual handling regulations with no part more than 25kg
  • Need handrails or access platforms? With the Fast-Form™ column formwork systems they are easily attached and as they are part of our formwork system you don’t need a scaffolder to erect them which is an additional cost saving
  • The Fast-Form™ column formwork system comes with structural calculations and full colour 3D drawings and Temporary Works included


  • Fast-Form™ column formwork system can not only reduce timber usage, but with new plastic ply’s it can totally eliminate timber usage with fully recyclable materials that are much stronger and safer than timber based products
  • The Fast-Form™ road forms are made from 100% fully recyclable materials, greatly reduced carbon emissions from not only our road forms but also reduced emissions from deliveries
  • The Fast-Form™ road form is the Greenest and Lowest Carbon road form on the market
  • On every job you can be issued with Carbon Saving Certificate that tells you how much carbon you saved using the Fast-Form™ road form vs other methods you could have used


  • The Fast-Form™ column formwork system has a 25 year plus lifespan and is made from 100% fully recyclable materials
  • The Fast-Form™ system reduces timber use and so contributes to a sustainable solution that also reduces carbon use


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