Moving Forward Pt 2


Sited within the 1,860m² Fast-Form Systems factory, next to a new Titan Fibre Laser Cutting Machine, is another recently acquired mechanical monolith integral to in-house production of Fast-Form Systems products – a hydraulic press brake. A press brake is a machine that forms sheet metal into a series of predetermined bends (shapes). Because of the varied sizes and shapes of Fast-Form Systems formwork bracket systems, including Road Forms systems etc, the need for a fully automated press brake was paramount.

Once again we turned to Mantech to provide the ideal press bake for our needs. The end result was the installation of a Mantech Model HP 400 – a serious piece of equipment that can deliver 200 tonne hydraulic bending pressure via its upper stage die. With its ability to handle 4,000mm sheet metal lengths, we are now able to form (shape) all existing Fast-Form Systems products. Coupled with our welding bay, we are on well on course to manufacture all Fast-Form Systems’ registered components earlier than our forecasted long-term business growth.

Scaling up in-house production of Fast-Form Systems products and individual components is only part of our future vision. Investment in new machinery will also speed up prototyping and testing of new Fast-Form Systems formwork products that are presently in design stage. Although these new products are under wraps, customers old and new can be assured they will also help revolutionise concrete builds in terms of usability and sustainability – so business as normal for Fast-Form Systems.

New Press Brake Machinery | Fast-Form Systems

Hydraulic Press Brake - Moving Forward (2) | Fast-Form Systems

Press Brake Machinery - New | Fast-Form Systems

Curved Bracket Formwork | Fast-Form Systems

Curved Metal - Hydraulic Press Brake | Fast-Form Systems

New Press Brake Curved Metal | Fast-Form Systems