Fast-Form TM large wall formwork system available with aluminium beams or H20 timber beams, fast, flexible and cost effective, download the Large Panel Wall systems brochure or the Fast-Form Systems Product Guide

Almost any pour height and panel widths of up to 7.2m available

Fast-Form large panel formwork is the perfect solution for all types of wall and column formwork. We offer 2 variations of the large panel system.

1. H20 timber beam & soldier.       2. Aluminium beam and soldier.

These large panels are perfect for large walls and are ideal for repetitive pours, with fast and easy stripping and re-fixing.

They offer much faster set up times than large panels, less fixings and fittings and much more flexible pour height and lengths, they also offer a much better finish.

PLEASE NOTE: All large panels are crane lift only, if you want a hand fit system please see our other Patented Fast Form wall formwork system that can be erected by hand or for smaller walls see our Bracket system for pours up to 1.8m.

Free design service, full structural calculations & 3D temporary works drawings included by our own structural engineers.

Unlike panel systems our large panel formwork has no unsightly joints / lips so is ideal for fair face finishes and an F4 finish is easily achieved.

Our systems comes in a range of sizes and widths and unlike panel systems it does not need any timber infils or have hundreds of components to lose or damage, with the only loose parts being low cost nuts and bolts.

All Soldiers can be joined so large pour heights can be achieved and the system is rated to 90kN and they range in size from .9m to 3.6m and can be bolted together for larger panels, Aluminium beams come1.2m to 7.2m, H20 timber come in 1.8m to 5.9m long.

We have soldier props that are rated at up to100kN, as standard we use 25kN

We offer a full range of formwork systems so what ever you need please just ask.

Main Benefits over Panel based systems:

  • Unlike a panel system the ply fits to the front of our system meaning hardly any joints at all, perfect for fair faced work
  • Unique design means more braces can be added to strengthen system and they are also easily moved
  • There isn’t a more flexible system on the market, you are not restricted to panel sizes, you can cast any height shape or length easily
  • Flexible corner system cope with any angle or corner
  • More flexible on size than a panel wall formwork system
  • Unlike panel systems there are not hundreds of components to lose
  • All the benefits and strength of steel system and a better finish