Fast Form systems are a UK based manufacture of road forms and formwork systems

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Our unique road form is unlike any other road form on the market and we offer hire & sales, the Fast Form road form is most flexible & versatile road form available.

Our road forms can also work with the Fast Form bracket system to give the most stable road form on the market, one that can be pinned with standard road form pins, or fixed down with Fast Form brackets attached, they can also be fixed to decking with wood screws or to concrete blinding or slabs with re-usable, self tapping concrete bolts so what ever your ground conditions our road forms can be fitted safely and securely.


No more battered / old / bent / rusty road forms, choose the galvanized Fast Form road form and get much more than just a road form, get a road form that can be turned into a slab edge formwork system and can be fixed to any type of ground or base, one that is lighter, stronger and more flexible, the best road form on the market.

How many times have you hired a road form to find it looks like a piece of bent scrap metal?

Fast Forms road forms are galvanized steel ( we offer mild steel versions for sale as well), they are stronger than any other road form, they are more flexible than any other road form because then can be joined on top of each other for larger pour heights and they join together with bolts so no more loose connections, dowel holes and ply fixing holes also included.


Ply can be fitted to the face, so if you wanted a fair face finish to a slab you can turn your road form into a fair faced shutter, what other system offers a road form that turns into a formwork panel? we also have flexible ply infil panels to cope with any length of pour.


Our forms have braces and larger double wedge pin holders that make the road form stronger and less prone to damage if you miss hit the road pin.

Our road forms are available for hire or sale, if you buy our road forms and need a few extra for a job, then just hire a few extra road forms from us, or keep your costs low and just hire our road forms for all your jobs.

Available in straight or Flexi versions 150mm & 200mm in height and can be joined up to 1800mm high and have corner fittings.


Benefits over other road form systems:

  • Made from Galvanized steel as standard they are stronger than any other road form and will not rust and will out last any other road form*.
  • British design and British manufactured by a British company, BUY BRITISH and get Quality!
  • The most cost effective road form on the market
  • Straight or curved road forms available and sizes from 150mm to 1800mm high
  • Fast Form Road Forms come in 2.44m lengths the same as standard ply sheets and they can have ply fitted to the face for fair face work, unique infil system also copes with any size so you don’t have to fly past your pour.
  • 90 degree corner joining sections and an any angle Flexi Corner joining section make it unique for slab pours.
  • Road Forms can be fitted with road form pins BUT also can have Fast Form Brackets fitted for extra stability and adjustment
  • Road Forms can be joined end to end and are bolted together so no movement at joints, much stronger than any other road form
  • Road Forms can be joined on top as well, so a 150mm or 200mm high road form can be joined to make up to 1.8m high, no other road form can be joined in this way turning it into a large pan shutter
  • When used with the Fast Form brackets you can use the road forms for slab edge formwork on decking as Fast Form brackets can be fixed down onto decking with wood screws.
  • When using our Road Forms with Fast Form brackets you can bolt them to concrete blinding and slabs as well as to plywood decks.
  • Compatible with our other formwork bracket systems for a much safer and sturdier fixing solution.
  • Road Forms as well as road pins / pin pullers are also available for hire or sale Worldwide

* also available Un-Galvanized as a sale item, all hire stock is Galvanized

Download the Fast Form New Road Form Brochure or please call for more details or send your enquiry to: info@fastformsystems.com Delivery anywhere in UK next day (subject to stock), available as a sale item Worldwide.