How do I get a quotation for my project?

Simply call or email your requirements or fill out a quotation request .

How do I order brackets for my project?

Just call us on 0207 148 1274 or email

How do I pay?

Just call us on 0207 148 1274 or email

We accept all major credit* and debit cards, cheques and bank transfers.

You can also apply for a credit account (this involves a credit check) ACCOUNTS-APPLICATION-FORM

* we add 3%  handling charge for using credit cards, debit cards are free.

Non account customers, or customers with no hired in plant insurance may need to leave a security deposit on the goods.

How do apply for a Cash or Credit Account?

You can apply for a cash or credit account*  by downlowding and completing our ACCOUNTS-APPLICATION-FORM then simply email it to

* Credit account applications involve a credit check.

Where do you deliver to?

All of the mainland UK, for Northern and Southern Ireland, Europe and Worldwide please call our head office on 0207 148 1274

Do you sell holding down bolts?

Yes we are an authorised distributor for Rawl & Excalibur and offer them at discounted rates to our customers, please call or email for a quotation.

Do you hire / deliver outside mainland UK?

Yes, though minimum hire periods will increase and you may need to deposit a security bond unless you are an account customer.

Can I pay by credit or debit card?

Yes, though there is a 3% charge for credit card payments, debit cards are free.

I am not a business user can I still hire?

Yes, though non account customers need to pay for hire up front and also leave a security bond, this is usually pre-authorised on a credit card. When the hire items are returned the pre-authorisation is cancelled.

Can you help with design / calculations of requirements?

Yes we can advise on design and no of brackets required per metre run for certain heights.

How ever we will not calculate pour sequencing etc, you need to tell us what you want to achieve with a pour and we will tell you what brackets etc you need.

Do you provide working drawings and calculations?

Yes we provide full drawings with our system as well as instructions on fitting and all our brackets come with structural calculations if required.

Can you provide structural calculations or load factors?

Yes see our products page or Downloads page, every bracket has structural calculations and max load data.