Google / You Tube Headquarters, London

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22m x 11m x 6.5m high Sound Studio to be constructed inside a newly finished Office Block at 6 Pancras Square, London, opposite St Pancras Station.

The office block was completed for handover but Google have decided to install a large sound studio in the centre of the building.

The 2 storey studio meant that an existing floor slab had to be removed to enable the 2 storey structure to be constructed.

Some walls are between floors, some are full height, some meet existing lift shafts and there is a middle wall with 2 corners. The design called for a single pour!

The main problems on the contract are space, all the formwork has to be brought in through a set of standard doors by hand and it also has to be able to be carried manually through the building from the basement loading bay and on truck no more than 7.5 tonne gross.

Once in place the system has to be light enough to be erected to 6.5m high by hand with no mechanical lifting. For these reasons all the usual formwork systems were ruled out.

Also the Studio is over 2 floors, there are lift shafts either side, some single sided permanent formwork was required where the studio backed onto an existing restaurant with a block work wall between the studio and the restaurant, there were also internal walls to contend with.


Taylor Wimpey PLC, Pennington Wharf, Leigh Greater Manchester

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Taylor Wimpey are building a large scale development of almost 500 homes. A very large site with a 10 year construction period.

Fast Form has been chosen to supply our own Fast Form brackets and have also supplied Alkus plastic ply.

The system has been sold to give immense time and cost saving benefits over the life of the project, Alkus is guaranteed for 7 years and expected to last beyond the 10 year project, Fast Form Brackets also carry a 7 year warranty with an expected lifespan of 15 years plus.

The result is Taylor Wimpey have a system in place for casting all of the house foundation slabs that will outlast the contract, there is ZERO Timber Usage or Wastage, a huge reduction in waste and Carbon Footprint.

The system is re-usable and will last much longer than the duration of the project and will be then moved onto the next project, even at the end of their useful life Fast Form and Alkus can be fully recycled.

Reason for rejection of alternate methods:

Traditional formwork would have resulted in high timber usage and wastage and over the 8 years of the project would have to be replaced many times, also it is much more expensive overall. Fast Form offers overall cost savings on materials but also halves the cost of labour for installation and can be erected in half the time giving further time saving benefits.

No Carbon Emission reduction and also high wastage.

Panel System: No crane so heavy panels could not be lifted in or out, panel sizes did not fit, would have taken days to erect (with crane) and also more expensive long term, price to purchase also much higher and no 7 year warranty.

No Carbon Emission reduction and also additional machinery required would have increased the Carbon Footprint.


Olympic Stadium Seating conversion test for West Ham Utd

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Fast-Form Systems Ltd were approached by Brett Noble MD of BDN Construction Ltd to supply a formwork system to construct 19 no bolt bases ranging in sizes from 1.3m x 1.3m x .9m deep to 3.9m x.1.9m x .9m deep, including hire of all ply (Wysaform MDO used) and materials required delivered to site in Newark in 2 days time.

The other systems considered were traditional timber shutters and well known panel system so we are able to show cost & time comparisons which are shown below.

Fast-Form provided the lowest quotation for the works and was also asked to install the system, this was then passed to one of our nominated who undertook the contract on a supply and fix basis.

The boxes had to be finished by Wednesday 19th March at the latest for the steel contractor to start erecting the seating. All boxes had to be shuttered at once so no re-use of materials!

The contract was awarded on Thursday 13th March 2014, on Friday 14th work on site with 2 men. 12 boxes were ready and poured on Monday 17th and the last of the boxes was poured at 1pm on Tuesday 18th March. All shutters stripped and removed from site by 9.30am Wednesday 19th March. Huge savings in cost due to lower hire and reduced labour.


Premier Inn and brewers Fayre, Cleethorpes

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Construct a new 4.15m x 3.15m x 1.3m high lift pit, project is on the critical path as brickwork trades need to follow on a tight program. Only 3 days allowed for erection / striking.

Other methods of construction considered was traditional timber shuttering and panel systems.

Costs are shown for skilled and unskilled labour as Fast-Form can be fitted by labourer’s in many cases which can be an additional cost saving, this job was completed by one skilled and one unskilled.